Net Master

Net Master is a handy and free network analyzer tool (WiFi Speed Test, WiFi Security, Mobile Data Usage Monitor, WiFi Hacker Detector, Boost & VPN).

WiFi Analyzer & Security

Analysis your network status, check router hijacking, ARP cheating, SSL hijacking, DNS hijacking and Portal encryption. Ensure WiFi that you are connected to is 100% secure. No more WiFi hacker.

Internet Speed Test

Have you ever wondered about your Wi-Fi speed? Perhaps you’ve felt that your Wi-Fi is slow at times, but you just don't know why. Use Net Master to test your Wi-Fi speed.

Signal Strongest Point Detector

Intelligently analyse signal strength and find the strongest signal around you.
Accessing stronger signal never been this easy.

WiFi Manager & Analyzer

With Net Master, you can view a list of all available WiFi networks nearby, along with all necessary speed details.