Hawk Internet and McAfee Work in Partnership to Ensure the Security of Global Mobile Phone Users

Source:Hawk  Date:2017-12-28

On the morning of May 10, 2017, Hawk Internet Co., Ltd a new international mobile Internet company. (a branch of TCL Group's ) and the world's leading security company McAfee (McAfee) officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Marriott International Hotel,Shenzhen,China. Based on mutual complementarities of advantages, both companies join hands together to build up a mobile security application product named "Hi Security", in order to jointly develop domestic and foreign markets and provide application safeguarding for global users’ devices.

More than a dozen mainstream media reporters across the country attended and witnessed the strategic cooperation signing ceremony and press conference between Jedi Sun(TCL Group Vice President, Hawk Internet CEO) and David Freer(McAfee Asia Pacific Personal Business Vice President). At the meeting, the two sides not only completed the signature of the global strategic cooperation agreement, but also discussed and exchanged views on the pain points and corresponding solutions to mobile application safety. In the subsequent media interviews and Q & A session, Jedi further explained the deep cooperation between the two sides and the story behind, and finally he also revealed the layout of the mobile product ecological chain of Hawk Internet in the next phase.

(TCL Group Vice President, Hawk Internet CEO Jedi Sun)

In recent years, the mobile communications network environment continues to upgrade and global Android smart phones are further popularized. Various of Android applications are deeply penetrating into user’s life. At the same time, an increasing number of Android phone users are beginning to face the threat of mobile vulnerabilities and constantly suffer from malicious virus apps and leaks of personal data. Potential dangers that might harm the legitimate rights and interests of users, such as privacy stealing, malicious deductions, trick fraud etc., have also occurred, which lead to global users’ increasing demand for mobile safeguarding.

Regarding this, Sun said, "The mission of Hawk Internet Company is committed to provide convenient, safe and pleasant application experience to the global mobile users. To solve this kind of pain points that worldwide Android users are faced with, the company identified the tendency since its foundation and gathered outstanding experts and excellent resources. Hawk Internet devoted into great efforts to develop security products and has achieved delighted progress. Although the company was set up no more than one year, Hawk is lucky enough to establish a great strategic cooperation with McAfee which is a global leading company with over 30-year-old experience in security area. Thanks to the fabulous security product developed team and great performance of "Hi Security" on Google Play, Hawk is able to launch the cooperation with McAfee successfully.

In this cooperation, the VSM SDK security engine used by "Hi Security” is offered by McAfee, whose 30 years of experience on security technology and the strong ability of operation are greatly admired by Hawk. Working with McAfee, we’ve combined our assets to create a software that provide safeguarding for mobile users and win the drive to move forward.

(Hawk Internet connection and McAfee representatives signed a strategic cooperation agreement)

It is reported that the mobile security product "Hi Security" highly regarded by McAfee started the development in June 2016 and launched in the Google app store in November, 2016. This is a free security software for users around the world. The core features include virus killing, privacy protection and network security. Specific features include anti-virus scanning, real-time protection, secure browsing, harassing phone calls interception, application lock, privacy cleanup, Wi-Fi security Scanning, speed, etc.. It also can optimize the mobile phone resources to extend the battery life. As of April 2017, "Hi Security" ’s download volume has exceeded 15 million after months of its launch , and its daily download volume ranked number 14 on Google Play global tools download list. Users spread in India, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia, Russia, and other more than 50 countries and regions, ranking the top 10 on list of tools in 30 countries, in nearly 20 countries among the top 5. At the same time, the "Hi Security" users on Google Play has achieved the highest rating of 4.7 leading in other competes. Overseas users generally said that this security software with user-friendly interface is light, safe, effective and easy to use, which can effectively meet the security demand.

At the spot, David Freer tried "Hi Security" by himself and expressed his appreciation for its market performance. "We are delighted to work with Hawk to develop the outstanding security product“Hi Security”.The rapid development of this product will also expand the user coverage of McAfee's global mobile security. New McAfee's believes that unity is strength. McAfee will optimize internal and external resources to provide Global users with superb security solutions and services. In China, we will work in-depth with more and more consumer electronics manufacturers and Internet security products enterprises to develop more new security products for users’ devices. "

(Hawk internet connected with representatives of both sides of the film)

In the media Q & A session, Sun shared with reporters about the secret of the rapid development of “Hi Security”. "Making the best use of tip-top professional people for the project is an essential issue for Hawk. The security product team brings together the domestic BAT enterprises’ top security product development and operations staff, and its core members are mainly from Tencent search and Tencent PC Manager Application. On the one hand, they have rich experience in managing and operating internet products used by millions of people. On the other hand, they are experts on anti-virus R & D and operation. What’s more, they are familiar with the related technology on large-scale sample analysis and processing. Thanks to the strong team, the rapid product development, and rich Google Play optimization experience, "Hi Security" has achieved high-speed development, and finally get the high approval from prominent partners in the field of global security products! "

At the end of the event, Sun further revealed that "After the establishment of the company and rapid layout, relying on overseas emerging market population dividends, and actively seizing the window of opportunity, the company has preliminary built up product matrix for the global mobile users. Core products of Hawk include the clean-up product Super Cleaner, security product Hi Security, application store App Center, Game Center, camera products Alice and content news products Nova, etc.  In the past 10 months after its establishment, through continuous product innovation to meet the ultimate pursuit of the user experience, the company has accumulated a total of nearly 100 million users and tens of millions of active users with its users spreading in more than 200 countries and area like the United States, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, Germany. "Hi Security" is an important part of the mobile tool application matrix of the company. In addition, the market performance of the clean-up product that the company launched earlier this month also performs well, some users data are even better than "Hi Security". We are very glad to witness the company have various products flourishing with each other. The next step, the company will continue to improve the mobile application product matrix and content layout. Hawk will endeavor to become a global user respected Internet company by continuously offering great user experience and friendly user operations. "

About Hawk Internet Co., Limited

Hawk Internet Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hawk Internet") is an international mobile Internet technology company invested by TCL Group, established in June 2016, with its  headquarter in Qianhai, Shenzhen, China. The company is committed to provide global mobile users with convenient, safe, pleasant application experience. By offering continuous product ecological construction and intimate user operations, Hawk Internet is looking forward to becoming a renowned Internet eco-company among global users.

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