Jedi Sun: Hawk will Continue “Deeply Plowing” the Latin American Market Represented by Brazil

Source:Hawk  Date:2017-12-28

Brazil local time on May 30, organized by BAIJING COMMUNITY & CBIPA the China & Brazil Internet Conference - Chinnovation 2017: Brazil was held in S?o Paulo, Brazil, the largest city in the southern hemisphere. This event was the first, as well as the biggest-ever and highest-leveled bilateral business communication conference between China and Brazil, providing an opportunity for Chinese leading Internet companies, representative start-ups, market analysts and investors to have a face-to-face discussion with Brazilian government representatives and around 500 Internet executives about the exchanges and cooperation in Internet industry. Jedi Sun, Vice President of TCL Group, CEO of Hawk was invited to attend, and delivered a speech entitled "Innovation of China's Internet Tools" in the morning to the Brazilian Internet attendees. Sun shared innovation ideas and cases of China's Internet company tool application. At the same time, Sun introduced the development ideas of Hawk and delightful phase achievements of its tool application and content-based products.

It is known that these outstanding representatives of Chinese Internet companies grouped together to participate in this event not only for the high standards of the meeting and the gathered guests, but also for the huge growth potential that the Brazilian Internet market is gradually emerging. Data show that Brazilian Internet users in 2015 exceeded 110 million, accounting for 34.3% of the entire Latin American Internet users, of which the mobile Internet population is 84.9 million. It is expected that the Brazilian Internet population in 2020 will reach 144 million, of which the mobile Internet population will be 120 million. In Brazil, about 84% of mobile users spend an average of 5.2 hours on the Internet every day, 12 percentage points higher than the global average, making the country one of the countries with the largest number of Internet users in the world. The scale of mobile Internet users and the time spend on Internet reflect the Internet market development and demand characteristics of users in Brazil: Brazil is the major Android market in the world, with 92% market share in total. Brazil users are very keen on tool apps, so it is one of the countries that install tool apps most on average, and 7% of user’s overall application are tool apps. It is because in Brazil every 500M mobile phone traffic costs the Brazilian 13 hours of the minimum wage. As the cost of mobile phone traffic remains high, smart phone users need some cleaning tools application to free up RAM, scan viruses and so on. Meanwhile, according to the statistics from the third-party Securelist, Brazil Internet users are attacked by the Trojan virus as many as 1.1 million times every day. For instance, PSafe helps to intercept the phishing site attacks as many as 250,000 times a day for mobile phone users. The local mobile Internet security level is relatively low. However, Latin American people, represented by Brazilians, are keen on social activities, so tool applications such as communication, social, cleaning-up, and security are well received and the market is huge.

In the face of the demand characteristics of Brazilian users and the growth potential of users in emerging market, Hawk developed a positive layout from its very beginning. President Sun said, "Hawk has concerned about user demands in Latin American market since its product research stage, especially in the Brazilian and Mexican markets. It got rapid growth of users in major Latin America markets in months after it launched its targeted clean-up and security products, and only when we attach constant attention and research to user demands in regional markets can we ensure our products are identified by consumers.” According to the authoritative data from Google Play data monitoring agency, after several months of operation, Hawk’s cleaning product Super Cleaner in Brazil and Mexico market was at the top of the list of downloads in early May, leading other similar products; its security products Hi Security also continued to be among the top ten downloads of tools in Brazil and Mexico market.

While breakthrough has achieved in tool products, Hawk also put its eyes on the layout of content-oriented products. Sun said, "We have been concerned about the overseas content market, and have horizontally compared overseas news applications to find out their penetration of users, discovering that highly-penetrated products are mainly focused in Europe and America, the UK even has a high percentage of 18.05%, but the penetration rate in Latin America regions is still very low despite their large users demand, so we have a lot of market opportunities. Globally, news & magazines applications that occupy at the top are still some typical news products (Flipboard, Google News, etc.), new types of content products still have a lot of penetration space. What’s more, pre-installed applications have high activity, while products of HTC, Samsung, Google, Flipboard news have dominant position in the market. In order to break through the content-based products in the Latin American market as well, the team did a lot of research work." After the research in Latin American market, Sun found that "Latin American users spend 70% of their time on content. From their behaviors in 2016, we can see that social activities that are favored by Latin Americans naturally still play an important role when they transfer to the Internet. In addition, 73% of users have content consumption habit, which is proved by our team of content product through our product usage: users generally browse content from 7 am to 9 pm, most of the content is consumed during work-time or commute time, spare time and family time on weekends. As users spend 70% of their time in consuming content, we have a long way to improve the content presented to users.”

To clearly figure out user needs and usage scenario are only the start of product development, Hawk’s content product team makes full use of the advantages of market share in Latin America established by Alcatel smart phone, which was acquired by TCL previously and the company’s tool products to obtain the initial user scale advantages, and makes great operational efforts to get the user traffic for content products and deeply explore local market. “We hope that we can provide a good service to the large number of existing users through content, and carry out localized operations for content in major regions so as to rapidly get natural flow from users in key regions. The company has introduced completely localized products in Brazil, Mexico and other places, contents of which are checked by an operation team entirely composed of local people. Designs for skin, name, language and the specific function of every product are localized, better fit the needs of local users.” Sun affirmed the company's content product team's localization strategy. In fact, the company’s news aggregation product Nova has gradually achieved apparent achievements thanks to localized research and operation. According to the Hawk Lab data, the company has successfully developed a Portuguese version for the Brazilian market, with daily new users growing steadily and the number of downloads in the first half of May more than the doubling of that in April, while in Mexico the market's downloads are also growing, basically maintaining a growth rate of more than 30%.

At the China-Brazil Internet Conference, Sun was pleased with the stage achievements of the company in tool-based products and content-based products but he also felt the pressure, "Hawk was just founded less than a year, though through the great efforts, we made a breakthrough in the Latin American market, but the overall volume is large and there is still much room for growth. Compared with many other pioneers in the market, we can only say, we are just at the very beginning. However, we are optimistic about the Latin American market like Brazil and Mexico, and we will continue our work of exploring in the future. Earlier this month, we have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the world's leading security service provider McAfee, hoping to provide security for the safety of worldwide mobile devices. At the same time, we also have made fruitful communication with Brazil and Mexico local partners at this meeting, and their content resources will be gradually putted into our content products. With the support of our algorithm team, I believe there will be increasingly interesting information presented to Latin American users in the second half of the year. "

When asked about the next step in the development of Hawk, Sun said "The Hawk Company will continue focusing on the advantages of resources to build mobile product matrix. By observing user’s using frequency and the length of use time to strengthen layouts of tool products and content products. In the next step , the company will not only focus on strengthening resources input in Brazil, Mexico and other Latin American markets, but also will continue to open up markets in Southeast Asia, including India and Indonesia, as well as the emerging markets in Russia in the second half of the year. Also, the United States is a market that we will focus on.” Sun finally said with a smile," This time we come here far from China, maybe can be regarded as the horn of Hawk officially entering overseas!”

It is known that Hawk Internet Co., Ltd. is a new mobile Internet technology company invested by TCL Group, established in June 2016, with its headquartered in Qian Hai, Shenzhen, China. The company is dedicated to providing convenient, safe, pleasant application experience for the global mobile users. By offering continuous product ecological construction and intimate user operations, Hawk Internet is looking forward to becoming a renowned Internet eco-company among global users.

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